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What are Microgreens?

Young Veggies!

Harvested at the seedling stage, these little veggies are tender and easier to digest than full grown veggies.  Think of them as being younger than baby greens, but more mature than sprouts. 


Super Food!

Microgreens can have anywhere from 10x to 40x the nutrients, pound for pound, as their full grown versions.  This makes them a great way to boost your nutritional intake, like a delicious multivitamin!


Super Yummy!

More nutrients means more flavor! Microgreens have a wide range of flavor profiles.  Depending on which variety, they can taste lightly sweet, nutty, spicy, piney, earthy, crisp, floral, eggy, or even sour.

IMG_5842 edited.png

Super Easy!

A quick and easy way to add flavor, nutrition, and aesthetic to your meals.  Just grab a pinch or a hand full, and top off your soups, burgers, sandwiches, salads, burritos, tacos, pastas, stews, omelets, wraps.....or toss some in your smoothies!

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